BIG NEWS! The Click Connect Photo Contest

The idea:



A camera hanging around a neck or held in hand opens doors and fosters connections that might otherwise never happen. What if we could all feel more connected, empowered, and excited about the communities in which we live? I say, why not?

The contest:

For the next few weeks YOU are the photographer. Every couple of days, I’ll post a new photo-community challenge for all of us to try to do. I want to see YOUR photos, and read YOUR stories about YOUR communities and share them here and on my facebook page and other social media. So grab your iphone or that fancy DSLR you only break out for birthdays and graduations, and get moving in your community!

The Goods:

Here’s the thing, every challenge will have a winner. YOU. That’s right, you participate- you win.

Your prize? Well, that’s for you to discover and share with the rest of us!

So grab a friend or go solo, but get out there and see how your world-view changes when looking through your lens. 

Ready? Awesome!

Challenge 1:

Grab a pic of someone you don’t know dancing anywhere in your town. It’s as simple as that! Send a pic with a short or long story or description to 

OR tweet/instagram it to @judeaj with the hashtag #ClickConnect

Submission deadline August 18th

Have fun!


Big News!

Big decisions are usually very hard for me, but this one feels right. It’s the right time.

As of Sept. 8th of this year I will no longer be taking on portrait or event photography clients except in very limited cases. Instead, I am going to focus my creative work on personal art projects, art and community advocacy and education, bigger commercial and editorial jobs, and hopefully a new business venture with some amazingly talented people.

I am so grateful to have been a part of so many special days and great family memories, but I feel like, for now at least, my calling lies elsewhere.

There are a few things that really drive me and make me feel like I am in exactly the right place and right time and I want to return my focus to these.

They are:

1. Crafting and enhancing news and other mass media forms through visual and written methods.

2. Helping transform other creative professionals’ and small business owners’ dreams into realities through effective imaging and creative direction.

3. Educating and involving communities in the rich world of arts and media and giving people an outlet and resources for artistic discovery, growth, and innovation.

For too long now, my focus has been on how to make the most money off the talent and skills that I feel I have been blessed with. This was selfish of me, not because it’s wrong to want to earn a decent living but because my priority should have been on using these gifts to make the world, or at least my immediate community, a better place. Plus, I haven’t been very good at it — “here’s your sign!” right?!

I am so incredibly blessed to have been a part of so many weddings, engagements, birthdays, family reunions, new births, holidays, and just the ordinary moments that enrich our lives and connect us all, and I will never forget the clients that have trusted me with these priceless moments, many of whom I have come to know so well and become such good friends with, but it’s time for me to start a new chapter in this crazy creative life.

I hope to see you all there… maybe even with your band, business, community art project or crazy idea!

Peace & blessings to you all!

XOXO -Jude

Bohemian Table: Tuna Cakes


growing up in Alaska, we ate a lot of fish. Mostly salmon, and although it really is a delicious fish, anything gets boring after a while, so my mother was always mixing it up, her favorite pink-fish-dish (or maybe just mine?) was salmon patties. Now that I live down south, good fresh seafood and fish is pretty hard to come by, add in the fact that I am usually pretty strapped for extra money and it’s next to impossible. So today, I decided to get inventive. Living on a strict food budget means I have to be very choosy with what I buy, but one of the things I try to keep stocked all the time is canned tuna. It’s healthy, cheap, and pretty tasty if prepared right. Yep, even the canned stuff.

Today, inspired by my mother’s salmon patties and my own love (read obsession with) of crab cakes, I made tuna cakes. They turned out so yummy I thought I’d share my recipe.

You will need:

2 cans of tuna (drained)

2 medium eggs

1/4 cup green bell pepper finely chopped

1/4 cup yellow onion finely chopped 

1/8 cup celery finely chopped

2 table spoons of mayonnaise

3/4- 1 cup pancake or baking mix

1 clove garlic minced

2 table spoons Cavenders all-purpose greek seasoning

1 table-spoon cornmeal

vegetable oil


in a large cast-iron skillet heat about 1/3 inch veg. oil on medium-low.

(Tip: sprinkle a little cornmeal into the oil to keep your patties from sticking.)

while your oil heats up, combine the tuna, eggs, chopped veggies, mayonnaise and seasonings in a medium bowl. Mix well, then slowly add in the baking mix and a Tbs of cornmeal until the mix looks like the picture below


Once your mix is ready, sprinkle a cutting board or other flat surface with some more baking mix and a sprinkle of cornmeal, mix the breading with a fork to get it even. Then take a large spoonful of the tuna mix and roll it in the floury mix to make patties.

The mix will NOT stick together too well, so gently roll it around until it’s coated then carefully drop it into the pan of oil and flatten it with a spatula. Cook it on each side for about 4 minutes, or until golden brown and crispy all around! Serve with a nice salad and enjoy!