God forbid anyone makes a good wage….

One thing about controversy- it’s really great for much-needed weeding out of “friends” on social media… I may be getting the “Unfollow” version of “trigger finger” but at least I’m not a bitter bitch. 

The latest in adventures in un-friending? All the hoopla about fast-food workers striking. 

I have a loosely-held theory about this…

You are a (possibly bitter about your own crappy pay) asshole OR you have never worked in food service (which also kind of makes you an asshole in my book).

To the jerks who don’t want hard working humans to be able to make a decent wage then by all means…GTFO. You have no business being here.

The “unskilled labor” argument is one I have been seeing a lot of on facebook. “Why should they be getting paid that much to flip burgers?” or “I have a college degree and I don’t make that much.” are two very common versions of it and aside from being straight up petty, childish, bitter, elitist and well- dumb, the reported-to-death statistics showing that federal wages have 1) not kept up with inflation and 2) do not accurately reflect true cost of living in our current economies.

There is another very good reason why we should all be pro-labor rights. Most of US are laborers. Increasing minimum wages for these kinds of employees actually helps the overall economy by creating more disposable income and driving ALL wages up which increases the likelihood that YOU TOO will reap the benefits in so, so many ways! I agree with many who say things like “no one made it easy for me,” and “you just have to be a hard-worker.” The most important factor in anyones success is probably determination to succeed, but if the work-market reflected the current economy better (i.e. corporations drawing the biggest profits ever while the middle-class virtually disappears) I think it would actually increase productivity, work-ethic, and success by making it a truly level competitive field.

As for the unskilled part-

this is just plain ol’ stuck-up bullshit. You don’t think it takes “skill” to work at McDonalds? Oh baby, trust me…Aside from teaching children, It’s the hardest job you apparently never had. Putting up with YOU and your 10-minute-till-close order of 12 double-cheeseburgers 2 with no pickles, 3 with no onions and 4 with extra cheese plus “uhh…4 medium…no 2…no 3 large fries…oh and a coke.” is worth FAR MORE THAN $15 an hour… These people slog through grease-burns made of hellfire and freezers the temps of Hoth in order to get you your precious big-macs, and tacos, and frosty’s, and when was the last time you said thank you and genuinely meant it?

When I worked in fast-food, rarely did anyone say thank you to me or even look me in the eye. I can say from experience ANYONE WHO CURRENTLY WORKS IN FOOD SERVICES IS EXTREMELY UNDERPAID, and yet they smile and hand you your extremely efficient lazy-ass burger INTO YOUR CAR while you are blasting your radio and talking on your blue-tooth and in general treating them like robots or worse, like they are all-together invisible… And they do it all and in polyester-polos and weird pants to boot. It’s a hot, nasty, thankless job that YOU think you are too good for. 

Conclusion: It takes a lot of damn patience and a great attitude to work at a fast-food restaurant. Taking care of YOUR stupid ass IS a highly-remarkable skill.

I will leave you with this thought…


“Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle”

J.M. Barrie


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