BIG NEWS! The Click Connect Photo Contest

The idea:



A camera hanging around a neck or held in hand opens doors and fosters connections that might otherwise never happen. What if we could all feel more connected, empowered, and excited about the communities in which we live? I say, why not?

The contest:

For the next few weeks YOU are the photographer. Every couple of days, I’ll post a new photo-community challenge for all of us to try to do. I want to see YOUR photos, and read YOUR stories about YOUR communities and share them here and on my facebook page and other social media. So grab your iphone or that fancy DSLR you only break out for birthdays and graduations, and get moving in your community!

The Goods:

Here’s the thing, every challenge will have a winner. YOU. That’s right, you participate- you win.

Your prize? Well, that’s for you to discover and share with the rest of us!

So grab a friend or go solo, but get out there and see how your world-view changes when looking through your lens. 

Ready? Awesome!

Challenge 1:

Grab a pic of someone you don’t know dancing anywhere in your town. It’s as simple as that! Send a pic with a short or long story or description to 

OR tweet/instagram it to @judeaj with the hashtag #ClickConnect

Submission deadline August 18th

Have fun!


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