Big News!

Big decisions are usually very hard for me, but this one feels right. It’s the right time.

As of Sept. 8th of this year I will no longer be taking on portrait or event photography clients except in very limited cases. Instead, I am going to focus my creative work on personal art projects, art and community advocacy and education, bigger commercial and editorial jobs, and hopefully a new business venture with some amazingly talented people.

I am so grateful to have been a part of so many special days and great family memories, but I feel like, for now at least, my calling lies elsewhere.

There are a few things that really drive me and make me feel like I am in exactly the right place and right time and I want to return my focus to these.

They are:

1. Crafting and enhancing news and other mass media forms through visual and written methods.

2. Helping transform other creative professionals’ and small business owners’ dreams into realities through effective imaging and creative direction.

3. Educating and involving communities in the rich world of arts and media and giving people an outlet and resources for artistic discovery, growth, and innovation.

For too long now, my focus has been on how to make the most money off the talent and skills that I feel I have been blessed with. This was selfish of me, not because it’s wrong to want to earn a decent living but because my priority should have been on using these gifts to make the world, or at least my immediate community, a better place. Plus, I haven’t been very good at it — “here’s your sign!” right?!

I am so incredibly blessed to have been a part of so many weddings, engagements, birthdays, family reunions, new births, holidays, and just the ordinary moments that enrich our lives and connect us all, and I will never forget the clients that have trusted me with these priceless moments, many of whom I have come to know so well and become such good friends with, but it’s time for me to start a new chapter in this crazy creative life.

I hope to see you all there… maybe even with your band, business, community art project or crazy idea!

Peace & blessings to you all!

XOXO -Jude

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