Cheers To Mr. and Mrs. McCormack

wedding, invitation, design, print, typography, lettering, plaid, paper airplanes, vintage, invites,

Wedding Invitation by Judea Jackson/ Re Boheme

While in College, I had the pleasure of getting to know Abigail (though I wish I had gotten to know her better) through theatre and our mutual love of tumblr, nerd culture, and generally awesome stuff. I was thrilled to hear about her engagement to Ryan, though I will admit I was/am sad that her new home in Scotland is so far away. Anyway, we they asked me to design their wedding invites I was honored and thrilled! Since their relationship has been one filled with many plane rides across the Atlantic I included paper airplanes. The lyric at the top is from their favorite song by the Weepies and the “Pride of Scotland” plaid at the bottom is to commemorate Ryan’s Scottish heritage. The hearts and arrows are pretty self-explanatory…Plus they are just cool. I mean, seriously, who doesn’t like cool looking arrows?

xoxo- Jude


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