The Lifeboat

If the last season of my life was floating (see the blog post) the current season would definitely be called “Getting on the Lifeboat.”

Things about lifeboats:

Lifeboats aren’t a final destination. There are no guarantees that the lifeboat will even make it in to shore, let alone the “right” shore. But when your choices are drown or grab the paddle offered you, just get in the boat and say thank you.

Things about life:

Today isn’t your destination. There are no guarantees that you will reach your destination, but when your choices are give up and die or latch on to the opportunities that are offered you, grab the freaking opportunity and say thank you.

And the spin:

so, I was doing a pretty good job of floating there toward the end. Such a good job that I didn’t even notice the fact that I was thirsty. Not only was a thirsty, but my floating, while necessary for a while (because what can you do without a lifeboat?) wasn’t really getting me anywhere. I was getting all pruney and delusional in the metaphorical sun + salt. As survival tactics go, floating is great, but surviving isn’t really progressive.

So now a lifeboat has pulled up alongside me, in the form of family and a new job and did I mention family, and some friends. These people and opportunities have extended a paddle of good will and pulled me in to the boat. While I am sitting in this boat, thinking, “oh my God, what if I am heading in the opposite way of my destination?” I am trying very hard to think and say, “oh my God, I am going to see land again! How lucky am I? Maybe there is a bridge I can walk to the other side, once we dock.”

See, I’m a dreamer. And I don’t think I could stand myself if I gave up that dream, that perfect destination, all together, but right now, the thing most important, more important is just getting my feet under me on some solid ground. It doesn’t matter if it’s my solid ground or not. I am just so very grateful to be on this boat and getting the chance to make it from floating to sitting, and maybe just maybe, if I’m lucky and the boat lands, maybe I can start walking. One foot, in-front of the other.


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