The Young South Project or I NEED YOUR HELP!

Hey there internet, hope you are all doing well!

As you all know, I, living in Arkansas for most of the past 17 years, am a Southern girl (with Pacific Northwestern tendencies, of course!) and when I am not doing photography and design or teaching those skills, I am also a writer (you are reading my blog so sorry for the redundancy!) also, I am fairly young.

So as a young, Southern, ambitious person, what interests me the most?

Other young, Southern, ambitious persons of course!

And I like to write about and photograph what interests me, and one of my goals for this year is to be published in a national publication.

This is where you come in!

I am compiling a list of 10 Southerners under the age of 35 who are doing BIG things! We aren’t talking about your local metal band or small town reformer. I am looking for the best of the best! Young people doing amazing work that has or could have an impact on a regional or national scale!

It’s such a big deal that most of the sentences above have really, really annoying exclamation points!

I am looking for the top ten people/couples/groups living and working in the South who are going to be leaders in their industry or field in the next 5-10 years!

Now the great thing about the internet is that the degrees of connection are much smaller, but it all depends on YOU! So submit names, forward this post, tweet it with the hashtag #youngsouth, facebook it, or comment on it!

You can send me a direct email to

or contribute to the discussion here or on my facebook page HERE





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