For the Love of Flare: 30 Stunning Photos with Lens Flare

Recently I have seen a lot of online discussion about clichés in photography. Red brick walls, couches in fields, spot-coloring, & dutch angles all come under regular attack, as does lens flare. But clichés are clichés for a reason. People tend to latch on to trends, some of them are more annoying than others (spot-coloring), but most of the time a trend takes hold because it is effective.

I happen to love lens flare. Sure, it can get a little tiresome when used excessively. But if used subtly and intentionally it can really add feeling and beauty to an image. For me, the problems with flare arise when the rings and globs and flares overtake the photo, block the subject, or distract from the main focus of the photo. But in general, I find flare so romantic and soft and full of mood. Flickr user’s seem to agree with me, too. Flare is used in virtually every photographic style on the photo-sharing/networking site. From commercial photography to weddings and the full gamut in between, flare is just too pretty to say goodbye to.

Nature & Still Life Photography

Lens Flare

Photo by: MissSkov

Stick Man

Photo by: Becky Boop

Five Rivers, Delmar NY, 08.29.2010

Photo by Bennett V

Sun Kissed Daisies

Photo by: laughlinc

Occasion & Event Photography


Photo by: Anne Almasy


Photo by Hill Street Studios/Blend Images/Corbis via Rattling Stick Ltd
Dan Mangan | Vogue Theatre

Photo by: Melissa Dex Guzman


Photo by: Frabuleuse

Bridal & Wedding Photography


Photo by: Jennifer Sosa

Anne TTD

Photo by: ~mirka~

Sam in the enchanted forest

Photo by: GodkinPhoto

Photo by: sandig.urbanspace

Sports/Journalism/Documentary Photography

Local traffic. Kyber Pass. Afghanistan

Photo by: ( travel & urbex )
Indigena, Otavalo

Photo by: Plomomedia

China Shipping

Photo by: Pomegranacat


Photo by: Judea Jackson (hey, that’s me!)

Architecture and Urban Landscape Photography

Photo by:

Toronto City Hall

Photo by: Wil Lau

New York - Brooklyn Bridge Sunset 2

Photo by: .: Philipp Klinger :.

Fashion Photography


Photos by: thomearl


Photo by: simmonevonsydney


photo by indiphoto

Lifestyle and Portrait Photography


Photo by:

Photo by: richardtheworld

Anthony Georgis Photographer_35

Photo by: Anthony Georgis

Vans Shoes

Photo by: Chris Algar

Product/Commercial Photography

Vael Deckard Mid

photo  by: One Drop

HTC Legend Ad

Photo by: Matt Quattro

Chris Aire Traveler watch

Photo by: It’s me Adam Rindy

So, there ya have it. 30 stunning photos, all featuring lens flare of some kind. Hope you enjoyed! As always you can catch me here, or on one of my many social networks… My twitter is @judeaj and my facebook is HERE and my tumblr is HERE, or to see more of my work (with flare and otherwise) visit

Viva la flare!


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