Hipster Style Photoshoot

So, since graduation I have been pretty much taking it easy. I have a lot of photo shoots “in the works” but somehow I ended up with this giant gap of two months where I didn’t really do any work. My close friends and family know me as the kind of person who doesn’t often like to slow down. I am terrible at relaxing as it tends to make me depressed instead of mellow. But I just rolled to a stand still. Mostly I was burnt out. Working for a newspaper is challenging and rewarding, but taking photos for a story is not nearly as personally exciting as creating photos AS a story and can be draining. So after my last shoot for the Oracle I needed a break. But in an effort not to lose my touch, I called Sasha over one afternoon to play dress up and hang out in front of my camera as we hung out in my back yard. The following photos are conceptual/styling brainstorms, so don’t be surprised if you see some elements show up in later shoots.

Photographs copyright Judea Jackson Creative

All Photographs Copyright Judea Jackson Creative

Photo Copyright Judea Jackson Creative



Photos Copyright Judea Jackson Creative

Photos Copyright Judea Jackson Creative


4 thoughts on “Hipster Style Photoshoot

  1. You are amazingly talented and I am not just saying it because you are my friend. You got somethin kid. Don’t evva let it go.

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