5N5 Part II

This is part 2 in my series 5N5 where I post about 5 photographers in 5 different states. To read the first post, click HERE.

Because of my affinity for lists and my affection for the work of other photographers, I have decided to do a series on the photographers of the land, from sea to shining sea (an international list is in the near future so don’t accuse me of ethnocentric tendencies).

In order to better let you explore and enjoy the work of the artists listed, I am breaking the posts into 10 sets of 5.

The list leans toward portrait and fashion oriented work. I admire landscape and still life photographers and what they do, but since this is my blog it means I get to do what I want! Awesome how that works out, huh? lol.
I don’t exactly know why, but I just tend to be drawn more to photos featuring people and lifestyles.

*Note: I am not saying that any of these photographers are THE BEST out of their state. I am simply wanting to give credit to some of the great artists in our country. There are thousands that are going to be left out so if you favorite photographer is not included, feel free to put a link in the comments. 🙂

Happy viewing!

Sate: Colorado

Name: Jamie Nelson

All Images (c) Jamie Nelson

Genre & Style:  Nelson is an expert at fashion, beauty, and advertising photos which are provocative, wistful, retro, and oh so fantastic! She is relatively young (36) to be so successful, but I think the industry is trending that way right now which is fantastic for me! 🙂 I love Nelson’s use of color and her attention to every part of the shoot from production, casting, and team management to styling, shooting, and processing. It’s all meticulous and beautiful. She is originally from Colorado Springs, but I think she works out of NYC now.

Website: JamieNelson.com

State: Connecticut

Name: Carla Ten Eyck

All Images (c) Carla Ten Eyck

Genre & Style: Ten Eyck excels at environmental portraits and weddings with a classic European sensibility and wistful sense of place. I love the moodiness and dreamlike quality to her work. There is something familiar yet obscured about her pieces that really resonates with me.

Website: http://www.carlateneyck.com/

State: Delaware

Name: Angie Moon

Angie Moon Photographer

All Images (c) Angie Moon

Genre & Style: Her fine art portraits and still life images show exceptional craftsmanship and transcend the ordinary into the extraordinarily surreal and deeply moody. She also shoots weddings throughout the East. Our first State has produced a first rate photographer, going to prove that it doesn’t matter where you live or how small your town or state is. Good art and artists are often right under your nose!

Website: www.angiemoonblog.com

State: Florida

Name: Andreas Hernandez

All Images (c) Andreas Hernandez

Genre and Style: Andreas (plus his in-house team) really shines as a fashion/beauty photographer. His style is sleek, editorial, and polished without being stuffy or over processed. Really nice, clean crisp faces in the Beauty shots, and very obvious attention to detail and drama in the fashion stuff.

Website: http://www.andreshernandez.net

State: Georgia

Name: Zack Arias

All Images (c) Zack Arias

Genre: When you think of the new generation of rock-star photographers a few names come to mind, and Zack Arias is one of them. Most photographers (and/or celebrity stalkers) know of his work or his AMAZING blog (a very, very, VERY, big hit with the photography community), or both. Arias created edgy and emotive images of bands, musicians, other creative types, and he also is very adept at fashion photography. Arias, to me, seems like only more proof that the south is in a the midst of a renaissance and Atlanta is a hot bed for gifted and creative artists of all types.

Website: http://www.zackarias.com/

Blog: http://www.zarias.com/

Okay, well that sums up another entry in the 5N5 series. Check back for more updates! Next post will be on concert photography and the musical stylings of Brenn...


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