Limbo Land and The Empire Stikes Back

Everyone warned me about this. The inevitable post-grad feeling of limbo has settled on me and I’m feeling a little dead in the water. Somewhat like panic mixed with apathetic exhaustion. I am like Luke Skywalker, done with Hoth University and somewhere en route to a strange new planet called  “The Career System”  where my old mentor (friends? Family? Professors?) told me I would find a new mentor to guide me in the way of the Force…

Well I don’t know about moving adorable robots with my mind, seeing the ghosts of past heroes, or about finding a mentor, (though that would be really, really helpful) but yesterday I did get to have a little face time with a photographer who’s work I really admire.

Nancy Nolan is an amazing Photographer, most known here in Arkansas as the main photographer for At Home in Arkansas,  a widely read home & lifestyle magazine for the state (though her list of publications, clients, and projects are numerous and impressive).

At Home in Arkansas Magazine

A couple of weeks ago, she came to my sister’s house to photograph her dining room which had won a redesign competition for the magazine. ( Check out my sister’s blog for all the details ) and Jerusalem, being the uber-supportive sister, with no shame and no prompting, showed Nancy some of my work which she actually liked.

Nancy and Jerusalem have a very similar style so Nancy invited Jeru to her home and studio in Little Rock, and since I am up here for the week, Jeru invited me to tag along. Nancy and my sister really, truly are design soul-mates. It was so fun to see them discuss Nancy’s house and Jeru looked like a kid in a candy shop. I’m sure I did too when I saw Nancy’s studio, which is beautiful and buzzing with team members working on a spread for the magazine. I was in photography heaven, and it only got better when Nancy actually took the time to look over my newly finished website ( and gave me a lot of really amazing feedback (no Yoda voice needed). I left feeling more inspired, driven, and most of all reassured that I am on the right path, than ever. Okay, so maybe I’m not fighting an epic battle for the freedom of a galaxy far far away, but it is nice to think that though I may be in limbo, I too have the Force, lets just hope I keep all appendages…. Ugh, that is sooo cheesy and nerdy. Did I really just try to end my post like that?

Oh, to check out Nancy Nolan’s amazing photography, visit


2 thoughts on “Limbo Land and The Empire Stikes Back

  1. I love this entry. Yes you will find your way. I think you are on your way already. Just think, you have time for coffee in the morning. Love your spirit. Love you.


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