g*RAD*uation baby!

Soon. Really soon. 14 days soon. That is Soon, with a hard-S soon!

Okay maybe I am exaggerating, or at least making it out to be a bigger deal than it is. But you guys, this is me we are talking about. The Nomad, the Queen couch-surfer, the majored-in-General-Studies (read: majored in indecision), enrolled in  – count em – 4 different colleges, with 6 majors, in as many years (plus 1) girl. That is me. This has been a long, HARD, and frustrating experience. One, to be honest, I would not repeat if given the choice. However, I will say that I will be the proudest mutha trucker to walk across that stage on May 7 2010.

And this, this is my invitation that I designed with all that college-given design knowledge.

I don’t think college was for me, and I am sure I wasn’t for college but I AM glad that I know the people I know and have had the opportunities to work at places like KSWH and The Oracle. I have had a few really amazing professors, mostly in the Art, Media, and English departments. But for the most part, college has been a waste of time and money. But gosh darn it, if I wasn’t determined to finish anyway– my mother says I get that from her, and man do I believe it!

So here I am, 14 days away. Right now there is a tornado threatening to blow away my town, but I don’t even care. As long as the Wells gym is still intact as of  6PM two fridays from now, I really don’t care about anything else. Maybe THAT is what college is for – An education in how to not freak out.


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