FB Winners and A Look Back

Well kids, we have our winners! Susie Kirk and Justin Slaughter (both amazing artists themselves) were the suggester and suggestee for the 200th fan! And despite the end of the contest  support for the page continues to grow!

(Add it HERE)

I just want to give a big shout out to everyone who has supported me in this new adventure! I love photography but my heart is you all!  I can’t believe that it has only really been a little over a year  (a really crazy year ) since I invested in myself and really decided to pursue this with all I have. I have always loved photography, and I totally believe that all the gear in the world won’t make a bad photographer into a good one, but something happened when  I put my money where my heart was and invested in a DSLR. I  have learned sooooo much in this time, but what I have really learned is that I love photography because I Never Stop Learning.

Photography and DesignI also learned that all the pretty pictures in the world are meaningless if the rest of my life isn’t full too. I am so grateful to have the amazing support system of friends and family around me to encourage me not only in my art but in those day-to-day things (like getting a degree, working a crappy job, paying bills etc…) that we all have.

People are what keep me going and energized and wanting to make art and make a difference, so thank you everyone!



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