Whistle while you work *insert whistle noises*

So as always, I have been SUPER busy this semester, thus the no blogging, but I figured I should carve some time out to share what exactly I have been so busy with. Here are a few shots from various shoots I have done since Feb. Hope you like them!

I made my friends Holly and Robert stand still for a few pictures on a beautiful day, the first in a LONG time, and I just love the southern, soulful, and young feeling these evoke.

Bell SNL Style


Belle in Shades

The shots above are of a fellow HSU student, Belle who I had never worked with before. Her enthusiasm and natural style and confidence really made the shoot! She rocked it out for me! 🙂



These boys above were so much fun! My friend Maria asked me to do some pics of them (and her too) and I just LOVED working with these characters!

Bellow is Hollie Chambers, she is a fellow photographer and very talented! She is also in my photo lighting class so she played model for me one week. WHAT A FACE!


This is JT in the middle of Times Square on our media NYC trip! There are some real benefits to being in school, and having an expenses paid trip to NYC for four days is totally worth it. Even if we were stuck in Atlanta for a night on the way there!

Passing time in Times Square


Maria is also graduating (we are the same age too!) in May and we have become very good friends. Anyway, we took some shots of her for her announcements. Jason said you don’t send pics with College announcements, but I think whenever trying to get money out of distant relatives, one should always send a picture along with the invites. I mean look at that face, who could turn down that face? Right? I’m so evil. 😉

Maria 001


I also went on a HUGE road trip (so much fun) all the way up to Chicago. That post will be coming up some time next week…But to end this post, here are some of my favorites from my most recent shoot.

Team Fierce!

These are my amazing team members for the NAVY shoot, they rocked my face off!


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