#011, originally uploaded by Judea Jackson.

Day 11: Today was a long day. I worked most of it but when I got home at 11pm I realized I hadn’t taken a photo yet. I wanted to do something a little different and a little more mysterious than I normally do. I started by taking long exposures in my room (you will see these soon, because I’m going to do a whole post on slow shutter speeds). I got some very interesting shots. Then I took this image of my hand (left) by letting just a little light in from the hallway and exposing for (I think, check the meta data) 8 or 10 seconds. I moved the camera back and forth at a moderate speed a few inches to my right and forward then back again, giving the surreal bleed while still focused. It’s kind of like reverse panning since my hand was still. For the image on the right (my face) I let it expose a little longer. 10 or 15 seconds I think, and swung the camera from my right (the more distant image) to the left, keeping it level. I made sure to follow the camera with my eyes.

Anyway, I really dig these images and couldn’t decide which to post so I made a diptych.


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