Update! (Much overdue)

Well helloooooo there!

It is time for a much long overdue update. I will admit I have been neglecting this blog, but no more! Let me first start by giving a brief synopsis of what my life is looking like at the moment-

I am still at Henderson (nope, haven’t dropped out) but with less hours. It turns out that there was going to be no possible way I could graduate in December so instead of continuing to kill myself over 20 hours of all but one upper level courses (refer to “my busy semester”) I took it down to 14. I only wish my adviser had been a little more thorough when discussing all this with me over the summer. I would have never taken 20 hours if I had known that from the start. I dropped the two courses when the registrar told me that I couldn’t walk without the CAAP test. I think this test has a curse on it, because I went to the testing center in August to sign up for the test (remember when my car got smashed by lady-one-boob?) and they said to come back in October. Well I went back in October and guess what! I missed the sign-up deadline! This is a test that all students have to have (or have to take review comp) so I was very surprised that in all my 20 hours not one person mentioned the deadline, my adviser (the only one for my program) should have emailed me, but he didn’t. Anyway, I found out yesterday that even if I had taken the test and kept the 20 hours I would still be 3 short on Senior hours. Once again, would have been nice to know before I almost went insane and gave myself a heart attack (not kidding). But I’m happy and healthy now so I suppose all’s well that ends well, eh?

Anyway, in other news…

My sister and brother-in-law moved back to the U.S. from Germany. All four of us sibling actually managed to be in the same place at once and it was really good to get to see my sister and Adam for a bit before they moved off to El Paso.

And of course Jemimah did all our hair when she was here. There is just no one as good as her at hair!

It has been an eventful fall!

One of my first and best friends I made when we moved to Arkansas (since 4th grade!) Erika K and  one of the first friends I made at Henderson, Mac C. got married in October! I was a bridesmaid and it was a beautiful riverside ceremony! The night before the wedding most of the party and friends all helped prepare at the lodge and I found some good lighting and made everyone pose in the same hat. Here are a few of the pics!

We had a good time, especially considering that weddings are stressful! Ha! Erika and Mac are now living in Ashdown and trips to A-town wal-marts are just not as much fun without visits to E in the bakery.

In less happy news, well for me at least… Meghan moved to Italy to be an Au Pair for who knows how long. Totally excited for her, I know she loves the country and the Continent in general, but that is just one more person I have to miss! Sasha is moving to London to be with her Fiance, Adam and I think once that happens I’m just going to spend all my time on skype and facebook! Or maybe it’s finally time to start playing WoW again! Lol!

Luckily I still have Andrea and Holly and the other Arkansas Hallers. Oh speaking of Theater and Mass Media, I can’t tell you the details quite yet because nothing has been made official, but it’s looking like I will be on upper staff at the Oracle Newspaper next semester! I have been a columnist this semester, and it has been fun but let’s just say I will be in a more appropriate position come spring! We have a lot of fun on Sunday’s putting the paper together, and I have made some new friends and become closer to others. I’m pretty bummed that Jamie is leaving for stupid grad school.

Luckily, Like I said I will still have Holly and Andrea and that whole gang.

Besides school and Oracle I am still working at Best Western Hotel and every once in a while at Stage department store, along with freelancing (very occasionally atm) with the Democrat Gazette zoned editions.

But most of my free time (ha!) is spent playing with light and such. Here are some of my recent faves…

Sasha and I had the brilliant idea of bringing Mustaches (we got em from Cancun Mexican restaurant) for all the wedding party to wear! I think Meghan proves that everyone looks cooler with a Mustache.

This is what Erika looked like the night before her wedding. In between making her own cake and finding a last minute bar tender, she found a second to pose for me.

This is one of my favorite band pics. I did a story and shots for Frown Pow’r and they said to me “can we build a wall of amps and take a photo in front of it?” of course I said “Hell yes.”

Another great band shoot yielded this shot of Robert Campbell of The Nexus. He is in his Buddy Holly costume for the Halloween party later that night, but if you couldn’t tell. Honestly though it fits the bands sound (60’s rock) and his style.

My friend, and fellow Photog Arshia Khan showed me this trick with sparklers and a slow shutter. I think it’s pretty rad, no?

My actor friends, Nicole (above) and Stephanie (below) needed some new headshots done, but we managed to get some cool portraits in as well!

Finally, Sasha and I went out to a field the other day for a prarie girl shoot (more of those photos coming soon) and she found this lovely monarch napping.

Well that is it for me, it has been a very long post but I hope you feel up to date on my exciting life now. (sarcasm)


One thought on “Update! (Much overdue)

  1. Hey I love your post and I love your pics. You are very talented. Now get busy with that ‘gradiation’ thing! I need a party!

    Love you,


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