I have always had a problem with the idea of people getting “saved.”

What exactly are we being saved from? Ourselves? Some shadow evil? The dark side of the force? The Matrix? Eachother?

yes. no. maybe.

I should be writing a history paper, but for some reason tonight I really just had to think about this. Really sit, and make myself think about it. Like if I didn’t, I would miss it forever.

What if we do need saving from ourselves? Not because human kind is wicked, but because we are scared and lonely and disconnected from what is real. Who cares how we got here, but we are here. What if the whole idea behind this radical concept of  “a loving God” is that it is much easier to believe in ourselves if someone else does too.

Maybe it’s not about loving God, maybe its about A loving God, making it easier to love ourselves. When we love ourselves we value life. We value life in others. We love others. Maybe it’s not about loving others to love God, what if it’s about letting God love us so we can have the guts to feel like if we love others it might be worth something. Not to us. Not to God. To them. No one wants to be loved by losers. Maybe being loved by God gives us a feeling of worthiness to love others. Like we aren’t losers anymore. Like people might want to be loved by us. Maybe I’m just screwed up and I’m the only one who thinks of stuff like this.

But then again, what if I’m not?


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