The 10 year plan ( ha, funny right?)

Step 1: Graduate from college

Step 2: Get awesome internship/job/assistantship

Step 3: Learn EVERYTHING about photography and design

Step 4: Make rock star friends who let me take their pictures

Step 5: Become a rising super star of the photography world

Step 6: Move to someplace amazing like New York, San Diego, or Portland

Step 7: Get hired by major magazine to shoot a story of the latest installment of Star Trek.  Meet Zachary Quinto at the shoot, try to stay professional despite his obvious flirting, eventually give in to his pursuits on the promise of spock ears of my own and agree to have drinks with him after the shoot. Fall in love over chi lattes talking about The Death if Ivan Ilych, our mutual dislike of Ani DiFranco’s music and subsequent indie guilt, and of course our appreciation for Margaret Burke-White’s photographs.

Step 8: Wedding in a redwood forest.

Step 9: Buy a house in Ocean Beach, San Diego or Provence, France or somewhere equally awesome.

Step 10: Adopt two huge mutts named something like Wordsworth and Joe Namath and/or get started on 5 adorable Scotch-Irish/Jewish kids.


2 thoughts on “The 10 year plan ( ha, funny right?)

  1. Well, if you don’t know where you are going. you will never get there.

    Yeah Judea,

    Judea, Judea she’s our girl.
    If you don’t love her you are a curl!


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