My Generation

It seems as though each generation has something that they really excel at. A defining moment in time where the pinnacle is reached in some way or another, most of the time this is only solidly nailed down by the generations after it, for retrospect is “give me the highlights, only.” The Renascence, though about so much more than just art, is most discussed in reference to it’s impact on visual creativity. Ask anyone what the most lasting impression from 1960’s is, and they will say it was the pinnacle of rock & roll. True, not so “stick it to the man” but rather “why care about the man?” blissful and deliberately executed musical experimentation.

Punk AND Disco were necessary epilogues. Defining the boundaries can only be done by crossing them.

But I wonder, what will my generation go down is history for?

Most people I hear on news shows etc, say that we are the information generation. That what we excel at is generating, organizing, and publishing information on a world-wide scale. But with more and more of the traditional sources, like newspapers, going under one has to wonder if we aren’t generating something other than straight information.

My theory is that we are a generation of commentary. Blogs have become the free press, digital cameras have revolutionized visual reportage, and sites like twitter and facebook are created specifically for self-publishing. Self-publishing commentary not really information. The very question “what are you doing?” is proof enough. I twitter continual throughout my day, sending my little 140 characters of thought, opinion, and the occasional fact through the webverse several times a day. But I have been thinking. If my generation is going down as the best commentators of history, isn’t that kind of missing the point?

We will have the most commentary on the least amount of unique subject matter. They will remember our generation as the generation that talked a whole lot, but said very little.

Case in point- This blog post is a commentary on commentary.


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