Hello world!

Long time eh? That is because I have been super busy. I’m so sorry! Also I find facebook so much easier to use to keep in touch with people that I have been lazily posting notes over there instead. Shh…Don’t tell wordpress! Now if only I could import my notes and such here, then we would all win. Oh well.

Anywho, Like I said I have been pretty  busy with school and Loki and photography! I did manage to fix up my website though, http://www.judeajackson.com, so if you haven’t been yet…Hint, hint. 😉

The magazine: Things are still going well, for all of you who are curious, we ARE launching this month as planned, just a bit later but it actually works to our advantage. We are partnering with the Vally of the Vapors music festival in Hot Springs for the launch, details coming soon! Man, I never realized how much work goes into starting a magazine, and when you have two working collage students who are both interested in multiple activities it makes it even harder, but I gotta say, it’s worth it, and the Mag looks great!

Photography: Been really having fun with the new 40D, lots of new stuff over at my flickr


Shooting some weddings and family portraits soon, as well as some other stuff. Been really getting into the idea of a studio (I know, I know, keep dreamin girl!) my ideal being an industrial space or a commercial space, something really really open and bare-bones, a kind of Warhol factory situation. So if someone has a parking garage or an empty warehouse laying around, I will be more than happy to take care of it, ya know, as a favor. I guess my ideal is like a flat cement room of about 700 or so square feet, with access to running water and electricity. I’ll throw a cot in a corner, set up a desk and some screens, and viola! I’m set! A grown-up play room! Venhellation is over-rated for an artist anyway right? I can even sacrifice on the plumbing if I need to, that is what the school gym shower is for, personal bathrooms are for rich kids!

Also I have been in a period of high absorption, meaning I am taking in a lot of info. I go through phases, as I suspect everyone does, where I just have to inhale all the knowledge I can, until at some point I go, “Oh, crap. I cannot take in one more thing.” Then of course I wait, and another phase comes along where I exhale. If you alternate these really fast, sometimes your brain goes a little fuzzy, it’s kinda fun. Plus my work always tends to be a little better when I’m not fully in control of my mental facilities. I’m not saying coke out to make good work, I’m just saying, it’s amazing what comes through when you are exhausted at 4 a.m. and all of your filters have gone to bed without you. Which leads me to writing…

Writing: Well I have been so busy planing shoots for the mag and for a personal project (More on that soon, too!)  and dreaming about primi-loft living that I have been neglecting the writen word. However, it has not been neglecting me. Especially since I saw this TED video, of Liz Gilbert (LOVE HER) about creative genius. WATCH IT!

Tonight I had a great sensation, I was sitting in the tub, letting the steam swirl off me in the crisp “old-house-cold,”  when I heard it. Now if you have never heard an “urge” then you really aren’t going to get the video above. But it was just like a train.

In my parents house in Arkadelphia, one can hear the train, especially clear at night. Actually, in Arkansas it’s pretty hard to be out of earshot of one, but my parents house is less than a mile from the track, and late at night I would lay perfectly still, and at 11:50 p.m and 1:15 a.m. and 2:50 a.m. I would hear it. Loud as thunder, the train would sound as though it was tearing up the track behind it, churning the land and the tree-roots, and upsetting the fields and thick southern air. It would get so loud it was as if it were charging there, right over me, inches from my face, barreling through my room, like a rockus cloud of noise and fire. I would feel it, like loud smoke, and I could not breath, until somehow, as quickly as it had raced at me, it was gone.

Tonight in the bath, I felt that same thick, heavy, terrifying thrill of something chasing me down and then rolling over me, making my ears ring, and my breath catch, and leaving a gaping stillness in it’s wake. A space it had cleared out, that I was supposed to some how fill in. It waits. It waits to be filled in, so it can be churned up again. I can’t wait to see what the walls will have to say (seriously, watch the video).

Goodnight world!


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