Quick Shot

Here I am with a little bit of self-awareness that is only earned the hard-way, six months into this Little Rock/UALR adventure. So it was no surprise when, like clockwork, I felt myself getting the anxious, itchy, burning need to overhaul my entire lifestyle. All the signs were there- the unquenchable need to spend money, the listless daydreaming about far-off places, the pining for loves and times gone by. It was happening again. I saw it, I saw myself, eyes wide open (as always) diving head first into the sea of ill-contentment and greedy un-appreciation. The hunger, like a monster was roaring from deep within me, waiting to be subdued by too many carbs, alcohol, or simple but deadly insomnia.
oh what a beautiful phrase- “then” the turn, the repentance, the restoration of truest direction…

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Domus Vox



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