Picasa for Mac Users!

OMG! It’s here!

The long rumored, much anticipated release of Google’s amazing image browser (with some editing abilities and built in slideshow maker) Picasa 3.0, is now available at large in it’s Beta form!

I know as a Mac user I am supposed to be completely content with the lack-luster performance of the built-in photo program, iPhoto, but I’m sorry. It’s a crappy program next to Picasa. Unlike Apple’s other built-in programs like iWeb, and Garage Band, iPhoto is surprisingly lacking both in design and functional capabilities. I won’t go into details, mostly because there are so many people who have very, very strong loyalties to the program. I however have always been a Google products fan, and with the ever increasing cross-pollination of Google products and Apple products (see the Google tool for the iPhone) I’m one happy technology geek.

I was shocked when a few months ago I swiched (back) to an Apple OS, and found I couldn’t get my favorite photo organizer (even over Adobe’s browser built-in to PS Elements and Air) in a Mac happy version. There had been talk about a release for Apple users for a while, but they must have released it pretty quietly because I had no idea it was out until today!


I love you picasa!

to download the Beta version of Picasa 3.0 for Mac click HERE

to download the great program in it’s orginal Windows version (they also support Linux) click HERE

Happy Image Browsing!


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