Listen to this: New Music to love

These artists may not be new to a lot of people, but if you are like me and hardly have time to look for new music between all the other stuff that somehow gets priority, like say I dunno, showing up to work, or eating maybe, than is a lifeline to the swimming teaming sea of music, otherwise too deep to swim through quickly. I have been in a real folk-revival mood lately, you know, very Ryan Adams, Joe Purdy, Wilco, early Rilo Kiley, kind of stuff. But here are some of the other dudes and chicks that may not be as recognizable.

Note: This mix may induce cravings for open roads, Cameron Crow movies, and poignant riverside readings of Faulkner and Twain. If none of these are available, just watch Elizabethtown, and if craving does not immediately worsen than it should lift within an hour or so.

Old 97’s: Designs On You

Kate Nash: Foundations

Rhett Miller: Come Around

Amos Lee: Sympathize

Katie Herzig: Sweater Than This

Lucero: All the Same to Me

I have the feeling that this mix will be a go to for all those angsty nights, but the winds are changing. Stay tuned, a hip-hop post might just be coming your way!

Goodnight Interenet! Sleep tight!


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