5 people you should get to know in 2009

So I realize that in recent months I have been posting some heavy stuff, which is fine, because I value all those deep philosophical moments that make me catch my breath and put a fire behind my eyes. But as nature intended, I go through seasons, and though I am sure deep thoughts are sure to make a reappearance here (especially since I cleaned out in the book department for this years Xmas/Bday fun) I am, for the moment, happy to have a moments relief from justifying religious pluralism, or explaining why it is that the problem of Evil has been solved by John Hick…I mean, I know how much you all must really really enjoy all of that pretentious philosophy crap, but I’m sorry. It’s time for a little fluff! I hope you can live!

Here is a little list of people I think it would be in your best interest to get to know in 2009. And, after all. I AM an expert.

5. Zooey Daschanel of She & Him

So I have had a totally hetero girl-crush on Zooey since I saw her in Failure to Launch, or maybe it was Elf. Either way, every time I see her I just go, “damn! That girl is funny!” and she can sing too. Remember when she sings the Christmas songs in Elf? Well lucky for us, she actually is a singer as well as an actress. Now, there are lots of people who get her and Katy Perry mixed up, and yes, they DO look alike. But this is not the “I kissed a girl” girl (though gotta say, that song is catchy!) Zooey’s sound is much more old school, and if you find yourself grooving to both Rosemary Cloony AND Death Cab for Cutie with a wildly cheeky alt-country twist, than you may have found your musical crack. That’s right, I just said musical crack. Yep. Uh, huh.

Download: Sentimental Heart & Thought I Saw Your Face Today

4. Stephanie Congdon Barnes & Maria (Mav) A. Vetteseof 3191

(self portraits above: on the left is Mav and on the right is Stephanie)

These special ladies are amazing photographers, and this past year they shared their mornings visually with a very appreciative blogosphere. 3191 is one of those photo blogs that feels more like a visit with a friend on a cool crisp spring day, than a cool impersonal collection of “artsy” photos. I believe their year is also available in prints or book format. Web 2.0 eagerly awaits their upcoming Year of Evenings project. In addition to being kick-ass photographers they also make things. Check it out!

Stephanie’s Shop

Mavs Shop (Note: Mav’s shop, Port2Port Press is actually closed now, but you should still check out her stuff)

3. Daniel Radosh: Writer/Blogger

Remember when I was reading that book, Rapture Ready, well even if you don’t you should totally check out this guy. He is by far one of my up-and-coming favorite people! Not only was his first book amazing (as I have posted about HERE) but he blogs! Hallelujah! Check it!


2. Jessica Hagy: Blogger of “Indexed”

Okay so this is my new favorite funny/waste time/blog thingy.

I know I am heavy on the blogs this year, but gotta say there is some good stuff!

1. Jason Segal: Actor/Writer/My Future Husband

So everyone knows Jason Segal’s face, and if you have seen a movie in the last 2 years at all, you have probably seen him, but could you name him in a conversation?

You will be watching a movie, or flipping through the television and go say “Hey! Isn’t that the guy from Freaks and Geeks? Or Knocked Up? Or that one show with that chick from Buffy?” But this year with his divine movie, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which he wrote- WROTE PEOPLE! That vampire stuff, all him! *Bites lip and moans lustfully- people actually began to remember his name. And that is while staring opposite the almost as yummy Russell Brand, no less!

Now, I know that posting about how amazing and hot and talented he is won’t increase my odds of him reading this post, realizing he has stumbled upon his soul mate, and flying to Arkansas to hunt me down, but just in case — Jason, just come find me at starbucks — I work in the mornings…


Anyway, now that you know Jason Segal, well, again…lets keep it that way shall we?


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