12 long months on the lam…





So, in all honesty I spent most of 2008 loafing around as a broken hearted hippie, I didn’t take any trips, didn’t see anything spectacular, couldn’t even work up the energy to get addicted to the cigarettes I smoked all summer, I sure didn’t achieve anything notable, at least not by Wikipedia standards, at least. I didn’t play any shows or even leave the state, though I did enter it. But, even though the year doesn’t look like much on paper, this year I had one of the greatest adventures of all, I finally got to know myself. My weepy, ironic, goofy, big-assed, talks to much, thinks even more, indecisive, beautifully broken self. As much as anyone at 23 could, at least. And now with the hatching of a new year, and a new age (yep, Internet I had a birthday!) I am looking forward to 2009, not because it will be “the best year” or perfect or because I will finally do all those things on that list above, but because looking forward to 2009 is sure as hell not as much of a waste of time as looking back on 2008 would be. With a new year, you get to take all that junk that slides around in the drawers of your dusty mind and tump it all out, keep the good stuff, the mementos of what shaped you this year, but trash the rest. The sun goes down tonight, and when it wakes up tomorrow, it’s resolved to forget it ever slept. Doesn’t that sound like a good way to start January 2009?


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