Science Vs. Faith

Go on Youtube and search “science vs. faith” or “Science vs. Religion.”

It’s astounding how many times we as westerners want to pit science against religion or religion against science. How can we claim to be deep, open-minded, aware people if we are pitting two complimentary parts of life against each other?

I mean think about it, if one does believe in a supreme being who created the entire universe with intent and infinite wisdom and creativity, why on earth would you think that that very creation could be pitted against his existence? Every scientific event or discovery or theory is in fact in correlation with such a creator’s agenda and construction.  The fact that the world makes any sense at all, that it is not pure chaos, should be to a religious person nothing but confirmation of what they already believe and to a skeptic a rational argument or at least part of one, from the other side.

I happen to believe that where science and divine truth confirm each other, there is great room for understanding and joy.

In fact, I have yet to know of a single instance where science has managed to truly explain away theism, yet conversely theistic belief it seems is regularly enhanced by science. Some may argue that it is not the case for dogma and doctrine but I would answer that even those sacred texts (in my own experience mostly of the Jewish and Christian traditions) when taken within the context of original intent (as much as we can know, I will admit) are quite often venerated by reasonable explanation or rational interpretation. There are those beliefs held in some group(s) of religious people that are at odds with commonly accepted scientific fact, yet I do not believe that to be an error of scripture, but of interpretation outside the context.

It is not science vs. faith, for one is always dependent on the existence of the other.

Faith without science is irrational, and science without faith is unproductive.

What is a hypothesis other than an unproved suggestion for why something behaves the way it does? You see, when we use the scientific method, and it turns out that we were right, it is science confirming faith- faith that there is a discernible reason for an observed event.

What else is theism but a hypothesis? Faith that there is a discernible reason for the observable event of our on-going creation, initially sparked by some first cause. Some first mover. A cause we theist happen to call God.


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