Part of the Issue

Because its always, only, ever part of the issue.

In this great big swirling, loud, rumbling world we have come to expect logical answers to life’s perplexing problems. In this great big swirling, loud, rumbling world we call “Church” were logic sometimes seems impossible, yet necessary, we are faced with the question: What does it mean to live like Christ?  We are not living in Roman occupied Palestine, we are not constantly observing Torah, we don’t go around casting demons into pigs and making fishermen piss off their dads (well that last one probably still happens). The thing is, our lives look very different than the lives of Jews, Greeks, and Romans 2000 years ago. We must take into account that this animal called Christianity is not solid. It is dynamic because love is dynamic.  Love is not a one-size fits all thing, you can not just make a list of behaviors and call it love. Often times we forget that at the core of Christianity is the relational aspect. God sent Christ because he desired to restore his relationship with us. So how do we know how to go about this relationship? How do we know what it is supposed to look like, to feel like, to sound like? What does it feel like to have a good friend, a lover, a parent?

See God designed this mirror system where we are all reflecting bigger truths with little ones. I mean it takes a pretty enormous leap to say that you follow this guy who’s mom was a virgin when she had him, who’s buddies say walked on water, who was a complete nut case to all the brainy people around him, and who a lot of other people saw walking around and talking and giving advice and commands for how to live, even though he had been dead for three days! But i mean the thing that is really really really hard for people, for me, I suspect for most of us, is that this guy was living in heaven before all this, and loved us enough that he willingly died when he had done nothing wrong. He went from being God, king, free of physical limits, to being a sticky, smelly, gassy, unpopular dude in the middle of the world where no one would really get what he was all about or appreciate what he was doing. I mean its a pretty nutty idea that there can be a love that big. How does one even factor that in as a possibility?

Love one-another as he loved you. So, that is what that’s about? Not because we want everyone singing Cumbia around the camp fire, but because without humans loving each-other in little ways, its hard to accept the thought of Jesus loving us enough to die for us (even when he saw all the crappy stuff we are about). By growing our relationships with eachother we are siding with God’s purpose of growing his relationship with us! You can’t believe in a love that big if you don’t believe in love at all, even a little tiny smiget of human love. It appeals to our rational side AND to our relational side. When those two things align, you can bet you have found something like truth.


One thought on “Part of the Issue

  1. Howard Hendricks of Dallas Theological Seminary calls it “Truth with YOUR fingerprints all over it.”

    Spelling – B
    Content – A

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