Much, Much, Much…

I have so much.

Lots of first/new things, lots of blessings, lots of funny things, just so, so much.

1) As many of you now know, (thanks Daddy), I now live in North Little Rock.

2) I am camping out at Jerusalem and Nathan’s house. When I say camping I mean I sleep (happily I might add) in a tent in the back yard. It isn’t really roughing it, however, since I have more room than a dorm and Internet and an air mattress. If I were a man, this is when I would grow a beard. For me, this just means I shower A LOT more. But yes, I really do live in a tent…Sorta.

3) I now matriculate full time at UALR, in Little Rock as a Mass Media major and a Religious Studies minor. More on that later…

4) I am currently employed at Starbucks in NLR. Please come visit me.

5) I have a new church, I am very actively involved in a happy little community called The Vineyard. We meet in the Heights.

So I think that pretty much caches most people up to speed. I will be blogging more specifically about each of these changes soon.

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