Seek ye first

 I’m working on something….

Here is an excerpt from the 9 pages I have so far…

Seek ye first

(focus and live in)

the kingdom of God

(Where there is no distance between God and creation)


(this is how: through)

His righteousness.

(which he has forwarded to us by Christ)


(this will happen too)

All things.

(the desires of your heart)

Will be.

(it’s a promise)


(as bonus, not a wage)

unto you.





Where is God’s kingdom?
What does a divine kingdom look like?

A garden. A garden where we choose to want God too. God didn’t make a mistake.

Ever wonder why God created people with free will at all? I mean here he was, God in all his glory and power, and he makes this mound of dirt and breathes into it and calls it a human and says it will bare his image.

His image is creative. All throughout Genesis God is extremely active. He makes things with his hands, he speaks things into existence, he gives things names, he decides measurements, he rests, he walks, he breaths.

He makes decisions.

When he is done he tells this new favorite creation of his to do exactly all the things he just did.

He tells Adam to take care of the earth and he gives him animals to name. And most importantly he tells Adam to create stuff. Especially more people. He tells Adam and Eve to make more Adams and Eves in their own images, because Adams image is really God’s image and Eves image is too. And God’s image is creative.

God is a creative thing. He is the creative thing and creative things make decisions. Why? Because they want things a certain way.

In order to want, you have to be able to choose.

God wants things a certain way. People want things a certain way.

God’s kingdom arrives when God and People want things the same certain way.



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