Today I read an acquaintance’s blog post about religion, specifically Evangelical Christianity. Many of you know how much I like to not only read other’s thoughts on the matter but to foster an open forum for discussion.

This post however was, however well intended, misguided in my opinion. It was on a public site where comments are encouraged, so I decided to share my opinion. I thought I tastefully disagreed and made my argument for why. I even used scripture to back me up since I know with this particular blogger and subsequent readers, that is always the first dismissal of a non-praising comment- “Oh well, I would like to see her back that up with the word.” they mutter under their breath, more concerned that I am disagreeing with their status-quo obsessed, insipid, and unsearched “doctrines” than the reasons WHY I disagree.

Usually my comments go, for the most part, ignored. Admittedly I have made some rather passionate or at the very least sarcastic comments in the past. However, today my well controlled, well founded, and even somewhat conciliatory comments were unappreciated. I returned to the post hours later to see if anyone else had anything to say about it. My comment was noticeably missing.

Instead was only one comment-

“great post (author’s name)!”

It infuriated me.

A believer, someone who claims to champion the way of Christ, squelching insights from a fellow follower.

I am of the opinion that it is our DIFFERENCES that unify us within the Body, NOT our likeness. Since who needs twelve ears anyway?

It is situations like this that make me go “Oh yeah! THAT is why I didn’t darken a church door for two years.”

It is situations like that that make me go “Oh, see now I get why people are weary of Christians.”

It is situations like that that make me feel more connected to the “world” I’m not supposed to be “Of” than the people who are supposed to be the markers of God’s magnificent grace on earth.

Just to shed a little more light on what this bloggers post was saying and why I had to point out some flaws I will give you the basic run-down. The points and justifications are my interpretation, and as the bonus of being the author of THIS blog, I have taken certain literary privileges. Mostly sarcasm. Tread lightly. 🙂

Also, as a side note, I didn’t even make half the points I make bellow and I was much more discussion oriented and less critical on the original comment. But seeing as how that was non-too appreciated, I thought what the hell. Go for the gold, eh?

point 1- God doesn’t always answer prayer. Reason? Naw, he just didn’t feel like it.

Justification – God is sovereign and therefor apparently a big jerk who doesn’t keep his promises if he doesn’t feel like it. .

Rebuttal- Never mind the whole God is faithful stuff, full of mercy? Heck no! Why should he be? Not like he says that we are his greatest creation, that he will take care of us, yadda yadda. Btw-since when is “No” not an answer? If God says no to something one of his kids asks for, it’s not cus he has a, pardon the pun, god complex, it’s because it’s not for our benefit in the long run.

Point 2 – When you pray a prayer of salvation, God might NOT save you.

Justification -Because he doesn’t have to. After all, we are worthless, wretched, useless piles of shit. And unless we do things a certain way, feeling a certain way, acting a certain way, its disingenuous.

Rebuttal- Now I agree, somewhat. God doesn’t HAVE to do anything. And obviously he searches the heart. But by defining HOW salvation should happen, you are not only alienating a lot of people who may have had sincere experiences with the messiah, but you are trying to put a box around the infinite creativity of God and his revelation to humanity.

Point 3- If your life doesn’t immediately look like the 700 club the second you “get saved” than its because it wasn’t real.

Justification – “You will know them by their fruits”

Rebuttal- How many years must an apple tree mature before it bears fruit? I’m pretty sure a baby doesn’t walk and talk one day after being born. Just a thought.

Point 4 – If you want salvation, don’t go see a pastor, a trusted friend, a parent, another believer, a professor. Just go into your room, lock your door and have it out.

Justification- I couldn’t really find the authors justification. Just the prayer he gives…

Rebuttal- Over the Internet. Are you serious? You expect the lines you write on your blog to be of a higher spiritual maturity and of a greater impact than the words of a long trusted adviser, or especially an elder in the faith? Or I dunno, the Lord’s Prayer? Um, Okay. Sure. Was it Moses who God told to get some advice about ruling the Israelites? I guess thats just cus he didn’t have myspace. I am all for offering spiritual guidance when I feel like I have something worth contributing, but to say that I am the end all, beat all, come to gal for the prayer that will get me ‘noticed by God’ is a little egotistical don’t ya think? I mean I know we are all called to be leaders, but I know I’m not the authority on it all. What happened to building relationships with people? The community of brethren?

Plus, entering into any life altering decision is something that should ALWAYS be carefully considered. Taking on the cross is not something to enter into hastily.

Anyway, I’m sorry if this post seemed harsh. Actually I’m not sorry at all. More of that creativity of the genius up stairs commin through. I think he has to be a pretty amazing dude to not only create such diversity in human experience and attitude, but to embrace it all equally as something good and beautiful with which he desires interaction. I find hope in the unity of that grace. The fact that I can disagree so vehemently with the authors point of view and yet still rejoice in the fact of our common ground which is THE WAY, the attempt, however vein, to search out the likeness of Christ in ourselves. It is indeed a beautiful thing.

4 thoughts on “Baffled…

  1. I read his post… this is what I said about it:

    interesting that you just handed out what you told everyone not to take. That is your prayer.. a prayer that you can use, but if someone is going to go to their closet or where ever they deem necessary to pray don’t you think it should be in their own words especially since you are so determined against them even going to a priest. I will however agree that if the words are spoken/prayed without fully believing them then they are just words.

  2. Feel better now?
    Did I overlook the link to the offender’s blog so I could judge for myself?
    However, as always, I am proud to be the dad of kids who learned to think for themselves!
    Praise the Lord for freedom of speech.

    luv, daddyo

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