I [dance joyously] in the splendid misery of a heart once [twice] broken. The start and finish of a beautiful and treacherous romance. Oh but it was useful. Oh but it was useful!

For now. For now I see that this purpose in me is nothing [everything] I have. Called [beckoned with a smile] to be jubilant in the gracious, relentless, pursuit of One. The one within, the One that calls out within the rocks and boils in the earth. The One that reaches out from our bellies, and into again.

We are called to be denizens of his fiery magnificent glorious love! This is our personal purpose! To catch this sickness [burning within] and infect our worlds spherically and without shame OR agenda. Be revelers swept into [not a fold] the romance of life lived courageously that IT is [and forever was and will be] useful to be ALIVE!

Living IS the sacrifice, the sacraments, the Word made flesh!


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