The art of the mixtape

So in homage to John Cusack cerca “Say Anything” I have decided to bring back the art of mixing. And I don’t mean DJ AM style either.

The mixed tape (I’m not nearly hipster/emo enough to go that hardcore) is a forgotten discipline. I say discipline for two reasons. 1) the word ‘art’ gets over used and would be a cliche and I AM too cool for THAT ! 2) it IS a discipline- a task that is taxing both mentally and physically, that must be practiced long before it is perfected. To make a proper mix, you have to spend hours crafting not only the song selection but the order, the version -live? Radio edit? Uncut? Bjork Cover? Duet version with Gweneth? Re-release with the crappy addition of synth? Remix feat. Nelly? So many choices. Than once you have actually decided to include that perfect song, you have to find it.

Currently I am working on putting all of my music in one place so I can become a master mixer. A proper mix cannot just be made up of what you have lying around your C: drive. Nay! I tell you, it is more! A mix should not only reflect your natural music inclinations, but the environment around you as well. Like a road trip with unexpected but exhilarating stops, a good mix should surprise and delight and instigate internal duologue.

So keep checking the blog because I will be posting the playlists to each mix I make. Also I am adding themes to them like those cheesy mixes at walmart like “soul grooves- music to get your freak on to”  but better, so if you have any ideas let me know. What kind of activities do you need music for?

Here are a couple of mine:

Beans and Cornbread: Music to Cook To

Gone Surfing: Music for the beach

Breaking up is hard to do: Songs for breaking up

Manni-Pettie: Songs to primp to

Trollin: Songs for crusing strips and other lame attempts at picking up random play

Guilty Pleasures: Songs everyone loves to hate (but secretely love)

Burn baby Burn: Songs to work out to or commit arson its really all up to you.


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