Wordsworth quotes and other thoughts

“The world is too much with us.”
Sometimes I think that William Wordsworth and I are kindred spirits. I hardly read any of his poetry until I already knew it. I would hear a line from him, or read a sentiment of romanticism, and not knowing who or what it was, agree whole-heartedly, feeling that someone had at last put words to my meaning. I recall hearing snipits of his work in High School, and lord knows Mrs. Slavens probably tried to impress upon us the importance of romantic literature, but I was in high school. I had a different kind of romance on the mind back then, mostly involving variations on the same guy. Tall, athletic, blond, and charming. I had a real thing for surfer types.

In college my taste in literature and boys shifted. I had progressed past the mellow dramatic works of Shakespeare and blond and boyish heart breakers, to the wistful nature driven poetry and prose of the romantics and dark-haired and tormented heart breakers. They were all kind of the same in the end.  As far as my taste in literature, I traded a William for a William, but both were necessary lovers. Mostly, it was me that was different. Maybe not even that. 

As I drove home from work this morning, I had a little taste of English life and of Wordsworth. The cool wet fog settled in erie silver patches across the low flat fields that stretch along the river bank with the loud silence only a breaking morning makes. “Let nature be your teacher” Wordsworth wrote. I wondered what I was supposed to learn from the earth-bound clouds hanging low and still as the world awoke to brave the day. 
I’m still thinking on it. 
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