So as I was getting ready to go out for dinner tonight I dislocated my right knee.
Just outa no where the kneecap just decides to go “plop” right to the inside of my leg. I hit the ground knowing as I fell what I had to do. Mid motion I grabbed my leg and pulled it straight and “plop” went my knee cap back into place. Now if you have never dislocated a joint in your body, let me tell you that it is the most shocking kind of pain in the entire universe immediately accompanied by a horrible throbbing and ache akin to growing pains on steroids. I have had the great fortune of being born with what’s called “slippery joints” and though my almost 23 years I have dislocated my elbow three times, and my knee two major times (there are countless other slips that only lasted a millisecond with no real dislocation)
Now it used to be that my left leg was the gimp, since it suffered a major dislocation when I was 16. Since then it has been slippery but never have I had a major dislocation like it, until tonight.
I am only writing such a detailed post because it is the only thing keeping me from crying out in pain as Frank is out to get me some VERY strong pain killers and some food, since we are obviously not going anywhere.
This injury could not have come at a worse time. Frank put in his two weeks today, so that he can work for his mothers costume company from new years till we move on the 11, also he has had hours cut from his current job because the company isn’t doing as well as expected.
If I can’t stand then I can’t watch two toddlers can I? Plus no medical insurance, and about to have to move 400 miles from an upstairs apartment in one month. The last time this happened I was in a full straight-leg brace from my ankle to my mid thigh for 6 weeks! Then I had to wear a regular sport brace EVERYDAY for two years!
Pray that my body heals faster this time. I just don’t know what we will do if I can’t work.

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