I have a new blog….

Don’t worry, you don’t need to delete this one. I am keeping this for family and friends and general updates and that sort of thing, but all my internet/crafting/indie/DIY/creative stuff is going to be HERE at ModaZen which is

Moda = “style” in Italian + “Zen” = the Buddhist philosophy of Zen
which one website defines as
“Outside the teaching, apart from tradition. Not founded on words or letters.
Directly pointing to the human mind. Seeing into one’s nature and attaining peace)

Anyhow, over at the other blog I will be doing features on other bloggers and creators of all sorts, as well as posting projects, how-to’s, stuff i find clever or funny from youtube and such, new music, and all sorts of goodies….Plus check out the Blog Roll and list of favorite shops on the web.

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