I love trees. I don’t go hugging them, but I LOVE trees. You can swing from them, hide behind them, climb them, kiss underneath them, picnic beside them, and best of all read against them.
Trees add so much personality to a place.
My favorite trees are the loners, the guardians of honey colored fields, and the relief for over heated cattle and other livestock. They stand tall on a round hill, perched effortlessly to talk with the wind and to oversee the goings on in their rural kingdoms. You see trees, are kings, yet they are humble kings- allowing birds, and squirls, and all sorts of bugs to take shelter, and even sometimes sacrificing themselves for the greater good. Lighting is jealous of the King tree’s quiet power and leadership, so being Machiavellian as lighting is, it will strike a tree, but the good king tree will not let it take it’s land and lightning there for usually moves on. Oh yes, I love trees.

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3 thoughts on “I AM GRATEFUL FOR….

  1. I love trees too!!! And I loved your last post. You SHOULD love your breast – trust me, I haven’t got any so I know how grateful you should be to have them!!!

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