In Fall

There is something about fall- maybe it’s the clouds of breath billowing out of the mouths of strangers as they walk their kids to the school across the street from our apartment, or maybe it’s the chance to enjoy some extra cuddles with my love, or the excess of hot cocoa and chi tea, but fall wakes me up…In a sleepy sorta way.
In the summer I feel sticky and heavy, and it seems that my creativity is secreted with all that southern sweat. I never write well in the summer, unless it rains the whole time of course which is why I would love to live in Portland or Seattle.
But the fall brings malto-meal, and tea, and warm ancient quilts, and sleepy afternoons, and playing in back yards, and scarfs, and mittens- all the things that make me feel like a kid. And my most creative times are always when I’m thinking about some other time. I am not so good at writing “in the moment” I can never see enough in the moment, retrospectively I am much more interesting.

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2 thoughts on “In Fall

  1. Hey I love fall the best too because here it last the longest. Winter is cold and short. spring is wet and short then it is summer and hot, but the fall is long and beautiful.
    Imagine that! we like the same things.

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