Music. Music. Music.

So I got a very interesting phone call today. Turns out a demo I submitted to a management
group in Nashville liked my stuff enough to call me about it.
First I talked to the A&R girl, who told me I was great and had a lot of potential.
She then put me in touch with a Producer who wants to work with me.
This producer has worked for Sony, Universal, and produced records for certain artist who’s name might rhyme with “Leona Snapple” (think late 90’s angst from a “Bad bad girl”)
he was also mentioned in a article in like teen vougue or some magazine like that because of a little law suit involving American Idol and Taylor Hicks (He won the suit!) I mean this guy is big time!

He read me the comments that the Management group’s reviewers made….
they were all so encouraging and all of them were A’s on an a-f scale! Of course he was brutally honest about the statistics and how only about a small percentage of people actually make it, but he said he really thinks I have potential to be successful in music!
Is this really happening? I mean gosh! Anyway, so producer man and I chated about options and such, mostly about random stuff like sept 11 and Arkansas verses Texas, and of course money.

Recording professional music is expensive! Luckily if I score the money for the studio costs, the agency will front the rest of it like the trip to Nashville and photo shoots and shopping and trips to NYC to promote…..

The best thing about this Management Agency is that they shop your music to major and major indie labels!

Now I know you you skeptics are thinking, but i have checked this company and the producer out, and it’s the real deal!

Anyway, I have started booking shows at small venues here around Dallas and I am also photographing a wedding this weekend!

Anyway, things are really happening in Texas! Woot!

Okay, now to raise a couple thousand bucks and then I’m off to Nashville for a weekend! 🙂

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One thought on “Music. Music. Music.

  1. wow that is really exciting.. congrats!!! I’m a little jealous about the wedding you are photographing.. I was supposed to do one last month but she found someone else.. Oh well. Good luck with yours though.. put that new camera to work!

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