Deer You….

Here is my latest creation…
Deer Chic Stationery set, I have to thank my Hony, Frank and Harry Potter for the inspiration. Frank because he loves to hunt, and Harry Potter (or rather JK Rowling) because if you have read the books you know that his Patronous (one of Harry’s spells, for all you non-harry fans) takes the form of a Stag.

Well after reading all seven books in a row, I had two weeks of being inundated with the image of silvery transparent stags and now I am obsessed with their stateliness and grace, thus viola!

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2 thoughts on “Deer You….

  1. I love how clean lined they are. You sure are being so creative.
    They all look so professional. Reading all books in a row? Not surprised!

    Love ya,


  2. you’ve read all 7 already?!? way to go! They’re awesome aren’t they. I like the cards too.. they do have very clean lines (just like yo mamma said). Keep up the good work and don’t forget to check Paper Source (there is a link on my page if you don’t remember the website)

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