Well thats one interview down, two more to go and then we will know if Frank has the job!
luckily he got asked back for the second interview which is Friday!

Today was his birthday, and he got a Wii from his family! Yay more video games! ;p
we had steaks and cake to celebrate, but it just made me miss home.
I adore Franks family, but birthdays and get togethers aren’t quite the production they are with my family. No themes, no loud clusters of people milling about each room and picking icing off cakes or skin off turkey, or talking about the latest razorback news. No music playing in the background or games or familiar family stories and inside jokes, or sisterly trips to walmart for forgotten items. I love my life in Texas oh but how I miss the nature of home and family and inside jokes and themed parties.

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One thought on “phew!

  1. Oh My Gosh! I am flabergastered! All the times you think things aren’t going well and then one of your kids goes and says something sweet about those times. Makes me wanna cry.

    I miss you too! Mucho mucho!

    Love you Mom

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