I have a job!
I’m working at Dress Barn, and it’s only part-time, but hey it’s a start right??? We also have some Design work coming in so that will be good!
Frank has an interview for a supervisory position at Khols friday, and hopefully we will get that!
Anyway, I applied at Hobby Lobby and a couple other places too, cus dress barn says they will work with my other jobs, so we will see….anyway, the apt is done now and I had my first night of crafting night before last….When I get access to a camera I will go pic crazy, until then thanks for all the prayers and phone calls and emails and such!

Oh speaking of phone numbers, I will be getting a new cell number sometime this week, but we got a home number so feel free to call us on that! 🙂

our home number is

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One thought on “Bonified!!!!

  1. I am so glad to finally see you writing again. I was thinking you had fallen off the edge of the world. I’ve been cleaning your room. Gonna use it to store stuff and to make more sleeping quarters.

    Love you


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