Update (happy independance day)

Hello everyone!

Let me just start by saying I miss you all very much! Poor Frank never knows when I will burst into tears or when I am going to shriek with excitement. He is handling it all beautifully, but I will tell you more about that later.
I want to talk about Texas, and our apt, and all that good stuff!

1. Cedar Hill, Texas

We choose a mid-sized suburb south-west of Dallas proper, called Cedar Hill. It’s very much like west Little Rock, there are all kinds of stores and restaurants and plenty to do and see. We are about 30 min (traffic not withstanding) from the city and about 20 min from his parents house where we can take Brutus to run and play in the large fenced in property they have.
Cedar Hill is wonderful, we had our first Barns & Noble trip on Sunday. I told Frank that the fastest way to imprint Cedar Hill on my mind was to take me somewhere where Books and Coffee abound! I can tell you that my acclimation was much enhanced.
Cedar Hill is the highest point in Dallas County so it has become known for it’s collection of radio and cell towers just out of town. You can see them for miles from all over the city, and at night they are like urban Christmas trees.
Texas is so beautiful. I love it here, it’s pretty flat so the sky is just giant, you can see for miles in any direction. The weather has been a mixture of very rainy (we had flash floods in the county yesterday) and very sunny and humid. It has been both sunny and rainy every day we have been here. Apparently that is very unusual.

2. The Apartment

We have a very spacious apt, in a good neighborhood (in other words, close to the Starbucks) and we fell in love with it the second we walked in. It’s in a gated complex, much like the village with a card and everything. It’s very secure and our neighbors seem nice. There is a pool, a BBQ pit, and a volley ball court as well as a office area with a copier and fax and a fitness center!
Our complex is HUGE but well maintained. We had a doorknob problem yesterday that we only noticed as we were about to leave, but with one quick phone call to the main office one of two or three of the repair men that work here showed up in less than 10 min and fixed the problem in less that 5. I was very impressed. They are very pet friendly so Brutus has room to roam and pee all over the place. They even provide you with a dogie droppings station complete with little baggies and a trash receptacle that gets cleaned daily.
The apartment is 734 square feet, which feels very big. There are two big picture windows, one in the great room and one in the bedroom which are side by side. We have a nice black and marble fire place in the corner of the living room, which Charlie promptly claimed as his hide-out….somehow I think that will change in colder weather, oh and new carpet! Our kitchen is nice we have lots of cabinet space, a full sized stove/oven, and dishwasher, and a pantry, as well as a utility room for washer and dryer when we get them. It is divided from the living room by a island connecting to a wall, so while I am making dinner I can still watch TV or talk with Frank. The fan for the stove and some cabinets hang over the island so we will eventually install a glass rack above it, and buy some bar stools.
We put our office area where the dining room would be, but since we will just eat on the couch (when we get one) or at the bar we thought it would be a great use of the space.
We have a balcony for rain/people watching, it has a utility closet for extra storage.
Our bathroom is HUGE! It’s got a full sized bath with wonderful water pressure, and nice vinyl tile. The sink is nice and has lots of draws and counter space and our main closet (there is a coat closet in the entry-way) is a walk in with different leveled bars and lots of shelve space to keep us organized (Frank has almost as many clothes as I do).
Our bedroom is sleep/music center since all that we have in there as of yet, is the bed (an antique handed down through four generations) and my keyboards.

On to individuals

3. Frank

He seems pretty happy. He in anxious to get to work, he is applying all over the place for managerial type work. Home Depot is hiring and I want him to work there simply for the discount! 🙂
He’s been my hero through this whole transition, always taking time to check and see how I am doing, and making sure I am happy, and holding me when I am sad. He is trying to get used to living with a girl, and having to deal with things like toilette seat etiquette but he is wonderful.
Last night I crashed at 9:30, because I was just so beat and tired of unpacking and discouraged about all the cardboard that still remained….When I woke this morning it was to a much different house….He cleaned the bathroom, unpacked several boxes in the living room, fed, watered the animals, and walked the dog till he pooped (a feat!) Organized the laundry we had to bring with us, and found Bambie which I thought for sure I had left in Arkadelphia.
The sweetest thing though was the little notes he left all throughout the apartment like
the one that read “Just take it one box at a time my lovely”
and one about the laundry that had a heart drawn on it and below the heart a arrow pointing to it from words that read “I love drawing hearts” LOL. He is just all I ever wished for.

4. Brutus and Charlie

They are doing fine. Frank finally got the cat to eat more than a few bites so I guess he will make it after all, he tends to sleep under our bed or hide in the fireplace all day and then want to snuggle and get a good petting once we have hopped in bed and are just about to fall asleep. Sure enough he pokes his little head out and then….pow he has jumped right on my stomach.
Brutus is actually doing really well! He hasn’t gone potty inside once. And yesterday we locked him in our room for almost a whole hour when we went shopping. We were sure the second we opened our bedroom door we would see Brutus looking quite guilty with a pillow between his teeth or poop in the corner, but to our surprise he didn’t do a thing! He just played with the leather shoe we got him and slept the whole time. I think he likes being a city dog. He seems very happy. He and Charlie even seem to get along for the most part. They just kinda stay out of each others way.

5. Me

I am doing well, I went job hunting a little yesterday and found out that Dress Barn is hiring. I am definitely hoping I can get that job. But if not there are so many stores and businesses around here I really don’t think that it will be too long before I have some employment opportunities.
I bought a shower curtain yesterday at Linin’s and things. It was on clearence for the same price as Wal-Mart’s, so we got a steel. It’s a beautiful Damask brown on brown stripe. It’s very chic and sophisticated, it made me very excited to make our first really homey purchase.
Like I said earlier I miss everyone, but I am surprised at how fast I am adjusting to life here. It all just feels pretty normal and right. I am even learning how to drive Texas style!

Well that’s all the news from the Lone Star State, thanks for sticking with me through such a long post!

I will call Mom with my address tonight or tomorrow….I hope everyone is having a happy fourth! I miss and love you all, wish I was there for some fried chicken and potato salad!

p.s. I’m gonna try to find a digital camera to bum so I can take pictures to send you!

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5 thoughts on “Update (happy independance day)

  1. I am happy that you are happy too. But that said I miss you so much. I miss both my sisters and I am like you and just burst into tears randomly whenever I think of either of you. Somehow having both of you gone and on wild new adventures makes it so much harder. We plan on making many, many Dallas trips – and not just because of Ikea!!! I love you! Happy 4th!!!

  2. i will so miss the sunsets… i have to admit they were beautiful.
    and i laughed so hard on driving texas style. there’s truth in advertising when they say “its a whole other country”

  3. hey! ok I will admit that I only read the first little bit but that is b/c it is 2 in the morning and I somehow went to xanga and then ended up here and all the while needed to be in bed. Alright so I hope things are going well and I will probably find out more about that when I read this tomorrow. Oh and I miss you already!

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