dallas calling….

So “that boy” and I are moving to D-town on Saturday!
I found our apt complex on Google Earth, it’s huge. The pool looks big too which will feel nice after the 10 min walk through the parking lot (we are in the back) to the pool just behind the front office. It also has a fitness center and is in a very good neighborhood, with lots of restaurants, a park, and most importantly a star bucks!

I think what I am really excited about is being able to decorate with honey, and church hunting.
I have been doing some research and there are some really interesting looking churches, Dad made a good point though. It’s gonna come down to how we feel in the church and not what the website says about it, but still I am hopeful. It will be a vast improvement on this inbred baptist wasteland. I like hippies, hippies who love Jesus are even better. (let me interject here, that I DO NOT HATE BAPTIST PEOPLE, I am just fed up with the attitude the church takes these days) I think despite Baylor and church on the rock, and Abilene, we might be able to find some hippies! Yay!

So thats the up-date, tomorrow it’s more packing then send-off party with some friends.
It’s a little bitter sweet saying goodbye, but today I realized why I had to stay at Henderson. Why I felt led to go back even though I loved Hot Springs, and absolutely hated college, why despite the fact that I freaked out and balled my eyes out every two or three months, I stayed in Arkadelphia, why I had to go through what I went through with ex-boyfriends, friends, and dreams.
It was all so Frank and I could meet and fall in love and change our lives forever.

I think the lyrics in the previous post say it well, and if you have time watch the video. It’s beautiful.

“All of the stories don’t mean anything,
if you got no one to tell them to,
it’s true, I was meant for you.”

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One thought on “dallas calling….

  1. Very well said and good insight.


    by the way, I tried to listen to the music video, but your music on your site also was playing.

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