This is my Daddy.
Growing up Dad and I were two peas in a pod. He was never afraid to admit that he liked that I was a tomboy, and he became especially dedicated to my hobbies when no one else in the family showed much interest in either sports or music. I can remember sneaking up to the sanctuary as a kid and playing the piano softly till Dad got off work, and then asking him to play something i could accompany. He would haul me and my friends to ball games, and piano lessons, and football games, and what not without a single complaint. He would patiently put up with my notorious messiness and un-organization, and even hold his temper (most times ) when I would put his CD’s in the wrong place or forget to do the dishes.

Out of everyone in my family my dad and I hold the most common interests. Computers, sports, music, literature, movies….and personality wise I am the most like my mom. I think I have always got along with my dad because of that combination.

When I was in 10th grade I went to school at the private school where my dad worked. It was in Little Rock, and we lived in Arkadelphia so I would spend about 12 hours a day around my dad. I loved that school year, getting to know my dad and having long talks about nothing on the hour drive home.

As I have grown up, Dad has always encouraged me to think for myself, even when it gets him in trouble with my Mom. I know it’s been hard for him to see me grow up and come to a point where I don’t need him by my side all the time, but he has been there non-the-less, to support me on all those big scary decisions. He has taught me so much about love, both as a father and as a husband to my mom. And now, as I am starting a journey with my own love I hope that if we ever have a little girl she will know, just like I do, whats it’s like to be a Daddy’s Girl.

Happy Fathers Day Daddy! I love you!

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One thought on “Pop…..

  1. What more could a daddy want for Father’s Day? Thanks, Judea, I’m proud to be your dad — even when you drive me crazy! Love, Pop

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