A good man is hard to find…..

So I’m sick. I have been fighting a cold/stomach thing for about two weeks now.
Frank has been super through it all, putting up with my chick flicks, my constant need for attention and orange juice and my blaring Rilo Kiley and Sufjan Stevens an Bright Eyes and The Format non-stop (well, between chick flicks at least), insisting that I rest enough, and making multiple trips to wal-mart to get me whatever medicine i need. How did I ever end up so lucky as to have someone who knows how to take such good care of me, without even having to ask. I used to think i would be alone forever because I decided i wouldn’t settle and I just knew my ideal guy didn’t exist. Boy was I wrong, man I hope that everyone who is love gets to feel like this. It’s all the proof anyone would ever need of God, or fate, or whatever. I mean I didn’t have to compromise ANYTHING to be with him. I haven’t had to change who I am to fit any ideals and neither has he. Of course we both have our downfalls but our individual strengths seem to help us overcome anything together! We have both changed of course, but it wasn’t because we felt like we had to, it’s just been natural things that we did out of love for each other. It’s so amazing to find someone who not only doesn’t mind you being totally yourself and open all the time, but actually loves it and does the same! To find that is just incredible I think.

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2 thoughts on “A good man is hard to find…..

  1. You are a lucky gal, and yes it is hard to find, and yes it is wonderful when you do! Hold on tight!! And feel better soon…xoxo

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