New Adventures of ummm the same Judea

So some things in my life have changed lately…
As you know I have a new fella…

At the moment boyfriend is sick, but on the more general timeline he is good, and we are good, and life is well, yep you guessed it…Awesome! (did I trick ya?)

Anyway, Frank and I have decided to try our hand at some graphic design work, in between shifts at Days In (thats right, folks the kids are

both employed and bonified!)

So with that our little baby is born. We are calling ourselves “Aeon Kids Design” (real website coming soon).

We are thinking we will stick around the Texas/Arkansas area for about a year and a half and then head north to the magical land of Portland or the rainy haven, Seattle. This gives me great hope that I will reclaim my title as a “True north westerner” rain boots and all!

We will make websites for up and coming rock stars, I will bake brownies (not those kind “ahem”) and we will be filthy rich yet still “In touch” with our middle America roots. Frank might cop, while I bake, just for the thrill of course. But he will take breaks from the badge for hiking on Mt. Hood, and the occasional west coast tour 😉 or beer with Donald Miller and Co.

Anyway, thats about it from Arkadelphia 🙂

Congrats to my brother-in-law Nathan and his band The Frup for winning the KATV Battle of the bands! He now is the ONLY double feature at this years River Fest. Nate will be gracing the stage with both his aforementioned band, and BFF Jody Evans. 😉

And Yay for Big sis #1 and both her New Doo (adorable from what I can see) and the very exciting news of Best friend/college roomate moving in state! Whoo hoo! (keep the summer martinis comin *wink*)


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3 thoughts on “New Adventures of ummm the same Judea

  1. Oh what a lovely post. And a lovely dream/plan. Sounds lovely. And I would LOVE to come visit in Portland or Seattle or wherever you land! Thanks for the love for the hair too…

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