Thank You India [Finals Week 2007]

This is finals week.
This is Finals week.

I am going to be done, officially, forever (this time better be true) done with HSU in only two more days….

Mixed feelings….

Boyfriend is graduating Friday and all of his family (Serbian grandmother and all) will be here Thursday. My parents + His parents + awkward me = long blog post to follow…

I have been looking at Dallas…My favorite city, my future hometown (for a while at least) and it turns out I have very good taste in cities. There is much to do and see, including a zoo with a real live ocelot!

I’m sorry I have been lagging in posts lately….Words don’t seem to do things justice anymore…

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2 thoughts on “Thank You India [Finals Week 2007]

  1. i’m sooooo excited for you. for your new “friend” and also for the HUGE deal of school. i have not gotten as far as you and i’m so proud. good luck at graduation with “people”! love

  2. Hey, We did it! We had a get together and we loved his family. I knew you were serious when you woke up looking for rooms to clean. Love you and love “what’s his name.”

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