This Town [A good time and all….]

A Day In The Woods…..

So Frank and I decided we wanted to hike Saturday. Since I have lived in Arkadelphia now for over a decade I figured I should go ahead and try to find Bluff Trail…It isn’t listed on any maps, but Frank was up for an adventure, so with a little help from Erika via cell phone directions, we headed off in the general direction of the OBU practice fields…

(this photo courtesy of OBU)

Pass feaster trail, and head left toward the tree line…..

up some stairs….very very very steep slabs of wood buried into earth (picture coming soon)

and around the bend….

then wave hello to the lone camper and dog below…”hi-igh….!”

Once you catch your breath, head right till you see the spider tree….

Play a bit…Just don’t fall…..

Keep going until you see Black Lagoon!

Take a break for super cheesy photo op…..

then once you are done being dork(s) continue to the top where you will find….


then do the whole thing in reverse!

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