"That hurts" [so does my face]

When I worked at Ferncliff
a few years ago, a dear friend named David Mills accidentally slapped a camper in the face (ACCIDENT) luckily the 10 year old girl was a spit-fire and able to handle herself with grace…When David apologized profusely she simply turned her nose to the air and rolled her eyes in the way that only 10 year old sassy little girls can roll their eyes. She told him she didn’t care how sorry he was, and that he was no longer her favorite counselor…David, devastated but taking the bait said
“That hurts!”
sass replied “So does my face!”

David and I still use that phrase any time either one of us mocks each other it usually goes something like…

me: haha, your an idiot! (He is always doing idiotic things you see!)
David: That hurts!
me: Well so does my face!

It’s little stuff like that that separates the acquaintances from the true friends. When you can maintain an inside joke with someone three years after the actual event, it’s pretty special. I am very lucky to have worked at that camp. It’s the friends I made there, and the friend I made through those friends that make life in the Delph bearable…even when my face really does hurt, like it does now. Come on Hydrocodine!

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