I haven’t posted since Monday, which is strange for me. It isn’t that I have been busy, I have been only sorta busy this week. I think it’s just that I am in a state of limbo. Oh yeah, and I have a tooth-ache which has caused me to not be able to sleep at night and therefore miss my 8 o clock class twice this week. That isn’t good, but oh well. I have been taking a cocktail of pills and pain killers since Wednesday night to substitute the hydracodine, which I ran out of on Monday. I have found that when cutting a wisdom tooth, two Tylenol will not do the job. Neither will 3 ibuprofen, but put em together and you have one happy mouth but one very unhappy liver! However, I think I am willing to risk the liver damage in favor of being able to swallow. I mean, all it really means is that I get to skip the alcoholism and go straight to the liver transplant waiting list! Fun fun! No, but really I am okay for now. Mom bought me some oral gel and muscle rub, and both help but Wednesday night was the worst. I was awake until 4am with the worst pain I have ever felt and nothing would relieve it. That is how I stumbled across the cocktail…I was in so much pain that I didn’t care what happened so I took 6 extra strength Tylenol and 3 ibuprofen within a 3 hour period, then I put on Pride And Prejudice (which I love but if I watch it late will always put me to sleep!) and finally conked out around 4:15. I am laying off the pills today, and drinking a LOT of ice water. I have probably drank two gallons of water in the past couple of days just because it’s cold and nothing feels so good on that tooth as icy aqua! But if my heart fails or my liver starts malfunctioning, at least we know why!
Note: I would like Gavin DeGraw to sing at my funeral!

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